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Sunset Solitaire (2005) - Joe McKay

"In this performance/video I've written a program on my computer that lets me mix the sunset live. I have three gradient fields that I can constantly change with specially devised hardware. I then project from my computer onto a garage in a field behind my studio. I did this a few times - each time I went back to the studio and messed with the software, and each time I got a little better at the game. On my last attempt I videotaped the session, mixing for both an audience and the camera. The result is a 35 minute tape that takes us from a point when there is too much ambient light for the illusion to really work, to almost complete darkness. "

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Michael Guidetti July 29 2009 21:30Reply

this has been a favorite piece of mine for a long time :)

John Michael Boling July 30 2009 00:12Reply

Me too.