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YouTube Triptychs (2008) - Micaela Durand




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G.H. Hovagimyan July 25 2009 09:10Reply

you3b.com is a terrific tool! Artists Meeting http://artistsmeeting.org has been using it since January '09 for a series of youTube party/exhibitions shown at Postmasters gallery in New York (459.W.19th). Here's a review of our events in DIGIMAG in Feb. '09 – http://www.digicult.it/digimag/article.asp?id=1392
We started doing youTube parties in October of '08 at Postmasters Gallery http://www.postmastersart.com/ before we discover the you3b.com tool created by Jeff Crouse and Steve Mahon at eyebeam. http://eyebeam.org There's quite bit of documentation on the AM site and also the direct links to all the tritychs we've produced using you3b.com The list is a DIY triptych party and curated virtual exhibition. – http://www.artistsmeeting.org/index.php/Exhibition-Documentation/YTTP_2.html