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html.html (2007) - Travis Hallenbeck

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Tracky Birthday Jan. 30 2009 10:56Reply

broken link! pasted it twice i guess…

Ceci Moss Jan. 30 2009 11:23Reply

Should work now! Thanks Tracky!

Travis Hallenbeck Jan. 30 2009 19:02Reply

I just remembered what this is…

Nasty Nets was making a DVD which was super wrong (and thus, maybe super right? - ones of the most valuable elements to NN was brute force).

So, I made a webpage that would open best from a DVD and not necessarily well on even a good Internet connection.

On the DVD, the marquees start immediately (on most browsers?), since the wav loads instantly even though it's huge. But, online the space shuttle stalls.

For the long trip, I wanted to write the longest MIDI file ever (although, I didn't really). It's all whole notes and a progression of all the human MIDI sounds (voice, applause), and maybe the notes spell FACE or something. This is accompanied by a wav file that was created from hundreds of wavs (volume increase/descrease, speed increase/decrease, add echo, reverse, cut, paste, mix, change wav resolution - all in Sound Recorder) that were created from a handful of wavs recorded in Sound Recorder with no input.

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