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INVISIBLECURSOR.COM (2008) - Rafael Rozendaal

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Kyle McDonald Jan. 3 2009 14:04Reply

Is it supposed to stop "working" when you right click?

If so, that's pretty great – like breaking a net art fourth wall.

curt cloninger Jan. 3 2009 20:23Reply

This piece works exactly the way the artist wants it to work, within the confines of the .swf file, as determined by the design parameters of Adobe Inc., as handled by the plug-in of your browser software. Move the cursor off of the .swf file, and the cursor re-appears. Right-clicking on the .swf file results in the uber-conceptual Flash interface menu. Quite precious. Hardly Brechtian.

Compare that to interface design experiments that exile your mouse button altogether:

Compare that to earlier Netochka Nezvanova .mov pieces that eroded your browser frame and began eating away at your desktop image.

Compare that to painstation hardware ( http://www.painstation.de/ ) that shreds your physical hand ( http://www.fursr.com/furyoureyesonly/?show=Hall_of_Pain ).

Compare that to Piotr Szyhalski "The Chest Piece" (more or less archived here: http://web.archive.org/web/20021015053433/www.mcad.edu/home/faculty/szyhalski/spl/title.html ), where you induce mind-numbing/healing functions by assigning extraordinary powers to the "Memory of Black" via the quasi-medical technique of palming.

I want invisiblehand.org, a net art piece that uses a combination of language, networks, animation, imagery, conceptual framing, and mind control to cause my right hand to disappear.

And speak of the devil:

Where is my hand?

Kyle McDonald Jan. 3 2009 22:17Reply

Wow, thanks for all the context.

I imagine you could use blindspot-based techniques with repetitive on-screen imagery to make your hand disappear :)

rafael rozendaal Jan. 3 2009 22:31Reply