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Forever (2008) - Universal Everything

Forever, commissioned by London's Victoria & Albert Museum and on view until February 1st, is a generative artwork which produces an unrepeatable sequence of animations and audio. Universal Everything also created video podcasts of the work's output, which are available on iTunes. The display, a video wall, intentionally stands in stark contrast to the museum's more traditional architecture. The team claim that the installation will tour and that the work will be modified according to the parameters of each location.

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Pall Thayer Jan. 13 2009 17:22Reply

Browsing around the Universal Everything site, I bumped into this: http://everyoneforever.com/content/2008-12-15/minako_abe/

Some might think, "…but it's just a bunch of 'shopping" but I think they're really good. It's been a while since something jumped out and grabbed my attention the way these did.