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OK TO GO (2008) - Claire L. Evans and Mike Merrill

Chain of Hyper Space scenes from films (a collaboration with Mike Merrill).

Part of the thing which is so appealing about Hyper Space scenes in films is the idea that something fantastic and unknown lies at the end of them. In fact, here are the primary uses of Warp Speed/ Hyper Space as plot device:
A) Tunnel to unknown.
B) Escape from danger via total oblivion.

Both represent a kind of inversion, or temporary lifting, of the accepted order.

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Raphael Dec. 22 2009 04:36Reply

This summary represents the most ridiculous and embarrassment-tingle-inducing brand of art-speak that exists. It's utterly self-ingratiating without displaying a smidgen of totality in understanding of the subject matter from which the piece is derived-upon which the value of any re-contextualizing effort is initially hinged. "Part of the thing"? Ssomething fantastic and unknown"? Please do your homework you trite little artsy wad. Both "A" and "B" are completely derived from familiarity with ONE science-fiction film. Silly, you should be embarrassed.

John McArdle Dec. 22 2009 09:02Reply

The last persons comments were uncalled for. I Like science fiction. Where ever you get to steal beg or borrow your ideas medium resources matierials is FINE with ME. I,m A REBEL! Plagerism? SO BE IT. THIS last persons comment seems to be just the rants of a psuedo-intellectual who has issues or angst about something. Maybe not enough matierial success in ART. Another disgruntled starving artist? Sure go ahead be negative, see where it gets you. The ART is HERE at RHIZOME you cannot take it down or destroy it. Not even with your contentious RANTS! LONG LIVE RHIZOME! VIVA LA REVOLUTION! The consumer based petro-chemical age is a farce, Try ranting about that, maybe you will have my attention. (again) This Consumer based Petro-chemical Corporate Industrial Oil Company Price of Saudi OIL Insane AGE we live in. As an artist you can almost really do no wrong. CARE TO COMMENT? bABYLon-joHN. FECK THE QUEEN THE KING THE POPE FECK em ALL! oh and RAPHAEL? MERRY Fn christmas you chump!…OYE! To my friends starving in BROOKLYN! (Trite little artsy wad?) DUDE WTF are you?

Raphael Dec. 22 2009 14:07Reply

"To my friends starving in Brooklyn?" Wow, you really do fill the shoes. You're a ranting child. What does Brooklyn have to do with anything? Sounds as if you're mainlining the Kool-Aid for someone who is a self-anointed rebel. I was also "starving" in Brooklyn, while I was teaching advanced drawing classes at Pratt and SVA, all the while having quite a lot of "material success" in art, exhibiting and selling the majority of what I make as a NYFA Fellow to collectors. Who's calling for censorship anyway? Talk about negativity, I don't celebrate Christmas either. If you want to calm down and start making sense I can offer the explanation you so obviously still need, and maybe you should re-read what I wrote anyway.

Nick Dec. 22 2009 17:20Reply

Raphael, I made an account just to point out that you sound like a pretentious prick. Take your ten cent words, and put them up your smug ass. Also for you to call someone a ranting child is completely hypocritical, you even made a point to come back and rant for a second time! You failed as an artist so now you ridicule others. Please keep your opinion in the hipster coffee shops where it belongs.

Wally Dec. 22 2009 19:31Reply

Seriouly? Why are you searching the internet at 3:30 in the morning looking to be a self righteous dick?

"It's utterly self-ingratiating without displaying a smidgen of totality in understanding of the subject matter from which the piece is derived-upon which the value of any re-contextualizing effort is initially hinged."

Really? You're just being a prick for no reason, and sounding like the biggest hipster douchebag I've ever met. Stop talking about your advanced drawing classes and grow the fuck up. I hope your rant made you feel better about your place in the world. Like your art and life and very being is so much more important than anyone elses. Fuck, it's people like you drive me crazy.

For the record, I also created an account just to reply.

t.whid Dec. 23 2009 00:00Reply


aw. just like the old days. brings a tear to the eye…

Raphael Dec. 23 2009 03:24Reply

Hey guys! Go easy! Geez! We could either meet in a parking lot somewhere, which is fine with me, or you could all put your dicks away and get a little more civilized.

You guys are hilarious. You have no evidence, reference point, or even right to say whether or not someone has failed at an art career, or even what that means.

Bring up the level or sign in just to be a ranting jerk-off, your choice.

Raphael Dec. 23 2009 03:55Reply

and to Nick, the quality of my remarks are categorically elevated compared to yours or John's with respect to style and concise clear thought, so we could go back and forth, but take my advice and stop accusing people of being ranting hypocrites now. Thanks.

R Dec. 23 2009 03:59Reply

…"of my remarks 'is'"…

Claire Evans Dec. 24 2009 03:20Reply

I take no offense, Mr. Raphael, in you calling me a bad artist. But saying I am not familiar with science fiction is just cruel.

Claire L. Evans

R Dec. 24 2009 04:31Reply

Nobody is calling anybody a bad artist, only a bad writer, at most only at times, without generalizing, but observing. The string of non-sequitur contained within this exchange has been a great disservice to your art-and emblematic of a great need for competent writing about great art, which I think the video piece is. As a side-note, sadly an expose about the innocuous culture of positivity that art related web media engenders. Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water.