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Light Bulb Music (2009) - Michael Vorfeld

Michael Vorfeld is a very original German percussionist and sound installation artist. His Light Bulb Music was developed during live performances using a collection of colored amplified light bulbs and electrical apparatus. The electricity is used to make the glass bulbs resonate, however briefly, and the music arises from the multiple clicks and pops of bulbs and electrical switches. Vorfeld plays on the bulb’s fragility on one side, and the danger emanating from his less than secure electric installation on the other.

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elizabet Dec. 16 2009 22:54Reply

cool, there is a woman in ny who has been doing something like this for a while… she uses fluorescent lights

Ceci Moss Dec. 17 2009 17:01Reply

Thanks for sharing that link! She actually just wrote me last night, possibly after seeing this post, and sent over her myspace:
It looks/sounds really interesting.