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Endnode (2002) - MTAA


Endnode is a networked sculpture in the form of a large tree. Printers nested within the sculpture's plywood branches produce hardcopy of email communication that fall to the ground like leaves or apples; the branching of the Internet is literally and figuratively brought into physical space. As the leaves/apples/email fall to the ground, they become end nodes in the worldwide information flow.

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t.whid Aug. 11 2009 09:43Reply


Hans Haacke's News, first shown in 1969, is the granddaddy (great-granddaddy?) of this, er – genre? It was recently exhibited at SFMOMA's Art of Participation. http://www.sfmoma.org/multimedia/audio/aop_tour_401

BTW, MTAA were ignorant of News when we created Endnode.