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"Endless loop: A brief

history of chiptunes" - Kevin Driscoll and Joshua Diaz


"Abstract: Chiptune refers to a collection of related music production and performance practices sharing a history with video game soundtracks. The evolution of early chiptune music tells an alternate narrative about the hardware, software, and social practices of personal computing in the 1980s and 1990s. By digging into the interviews, text files, and dispersed ephemera that have made their way to the Web, we identify some of the common folk-historical threads among the commercial, noncommercial, and ambiguously commercial producers of chiptunes with an eye toward the present-day confusion surrounding the term chiptune. Using the language of affordances and constraints, we hope to avoid a technocratic view of the inventive and creative but nevertheless highly technical process of creating music on computer game hardware."

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chipflip April 30 2009 13:43Reply

great article at large, but there might be one too many erroneous facts…


David May 2 2009 15:48Reply

If those people who have commented before me said there are errors with regard to the facts stated I think it would best to have the facts all laid out and also give the sources.

David May 2 2009 15:50Reply

If the facts laid down here are full of errors, I think it would be best to have the sources cited out to set the records straight.