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That's right, Rhizome members can now vote on 2010 commissions proposals. A unique opportunity in the grant-making field, this voting process gives members the chance to survey internet and new media art practice as well as connect with artists around the world.

Our voting process happens in two stages, Approval and Ranking. In the Approval voting stage, open now until May 7th, proposals are presented in a random order and one selects Yes or No to determine whether the proposal will advance to the finalist stage. Members are able to comment on proposals and communicate directly to artists. Our voting system ensures that all proposals are reviewed by prioritizing unseen proposals first, but members are not expected to review each and every proposal. At the end of this phase, the 25 proposals with the highest percentage of "Yes" votes will then move on to the Ranking phase. In the Ranking stage, open from May 14th through June 4th, members are asked to simply order the 25 finalist proposals from 1-25, with 1 being the top recommendation. The results are determined by single transferable vote, also known as instant runoff voting. These votes are tallied to determine the grant winners. All of our Voting Procedures are detailed here.

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Daniel Leyva April 19 2009 02:20Reply

Hm weird all those links I' don't like much …

Here is my real Proposal, Hope you enjoy, and let me know yes !



Nick Hasty April 23 2009 12:03Reply

Thanks for posting those, Scott. I'll clean them up. :)