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Rhizome 50,000 Dollar Webpage

By Rhizome

We've been discovering so much great stuff via the links on The Rhizome 50,000 Webpage that we've decided to start sharing some of it on the Rhizome homepage. Today we've picked a few netart gems we found on the grid.

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Jon Weston 6 years, 10 months agoReply

Neat, I'd never heard of this kind of thing before. Might put my Horde guide blog on it some day soon.

Nikola 6 years, 10 months agoReply

Very bad sites, I'd never heard of this kind of thing before.
Igre za Djevojcice
Sat Keys

jj 6 years, 10 months agoReply

I have never seen these sites before? Tumbarumba sounds interesting but I was not interested in the other two.


Harold 6 years, 10 months agoReply

Two sites was pretty good but one was crap I think.

Ludwig Vintage Drums

Buy Silver Coins

Barry 6 years, 10 months agoReply

That eye surgery video is cool. Never thought I'd see something like that.

<a href="http://beerandpancakes.com/pancake-recipes/">Pancake Recipes</a>

<a href="http://oicollege.com/">Funny College Stories</a>

<a href="http://wisportspage.com/">Wisconsin Sports Blog</a>

Barry 6 years, 10 months agoReply

I don't really like how tumbarumba makes you install a plug-in. Not the most secure thing to be doing…

Wisconsin Sports Blog
Funny college stories
Pancake recipes

Ethan Ham 6 years, 10 months agoReply

Installing the plug-in certainly is a barrier to entry, but personally I'd be more uncomfortable going to a website that an anonymous spammer (you) links to, than installing a plug-in whose authorship is public (myself & Benjamin Rosenbaum). Also, the source code for the plug-in is publicly viewable, so people are welcome to audit it for security issues:


jen 6 years, 10 months agoReply


They both look pretty interesting and I'll be interested to see where it goes.

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Tom Waterman 6 years, 10 months agoReply

The eye surgery video is really cool . I loved watching it

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The Guard 6 years, 10 months agoReply

Wow. Whoever thought of the 50,000 dollar webpage was very smart huh? Great way to share things between people!

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Danny 6 years, 10 months agoReply

The video is pretty cool

Bowtrol Reviews
Hair Loss Treatments

Diecaster 6 years, 10 months agoReply

This are great finds, never heard of them until now.

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