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Behold a Pale Horse (2007) - Steve Bishop

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Michael Szpakowski Sept. 11 2008 09:21Reply

This is quite extraordinary!
I was a bit bemused by the rather bad tempered net 2.0 (or *whatever*, I can't remember, don't care) debate here a few months ago but it does seem to me that work like this represents something qualitatively new or at least a shift..
Of course it is very difficult to call that sort of thing at the time it's happening ( part of the reason for the raised voices, hurt looks and general confusion) and I'm sure someone could post loads of similar stuff from 2001 or something to show me how wrong my intuitions are but there's something about the transfiguration of the banal and the sheer insouciance with which it is done that just makes my heart skip a beat, and it's those two factors which seem to characterise a good deal of this.. erm.. new wave..
(You can see this all at play in the work of Jon Rafman posted here today too..)
More power to your posting elbow , John Michael Boling!

Vijay Pattisapu Sept. 18 2008 01:23Reply

w Sept. 22 2008 21:12Reply

Vijay Pattisapu Sept. 23 2008 12:29Reply

Great job, single-letter troll, you got the joke.
If only you were this clever about removing trailing periods from broken URLs …

t Sept. 23 2008 18:28Reply

go back 2 irony class