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Radio Astronomy (2004) - r a d i o q u a l i a


Statement: Radio Astronomy is an art and science project which broadcasts sounds intercepted from space live on the internet and on the airwaves. Listeners will hear the acoustic output of radio telescopes live. The content of the live transmission will depend on the objects being observed by partner telescopes. On any given occasion listeners may hear the planet Jupiter and its interaction with its moons, radiation from the Sun, activity from far-off pulsars or other astronomical phenomena.

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Rodney Codd Nov. 20 2008 18:50Reply

This Radio Astronomy exhibit puzzled me. Call me a pedant if you like - but there are no sounds in space due to the vacuum - so what sense does it make to say that we are being presented sounds from space? There are patterns of electrical discharge and radiation but it the artist/techniciam who decides what sounds they should be mapped onto and so determines the experience. We are by no means listening to anything natural.

I also found the experience to be quite depressing. Surely the universe cannot be *so* bland and boring?!


Pall Thayer Nov. 21 2008 04:50Reply

God forbid that any artist should ever inject any of their own creativity into their work. I mean, we ARE looking for the truth, right? We've had enough of these artist's lies; Sounds from space. Women with green noses. Upside down urinals. I mean, come on. How on earth are you supposed to pee into an UPSIDE DOWN urinal. I'm with you Rodney Codd. Stop this creative nonsense now. It's nothing but insanity.

Vijay Pattisapu Nov. 21 2008 12:53Reply

Netbehaviour had an interesting thread about this kind of thing starting around http://is.gd/8rC4