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Continual Partial Awareness -- The Bootleg!

CoryArcangelCPA.WMA - Cory Arcangel

Rhizome staff writer Ed Halter posted a bootleg recording of Cory Arcangel's lecture/performance "Continual Partial Awareness" on Friday to his blog this morning. See above. For those so inclined, imeem also allows you to download it as a ringtone. We will post an entire video of the performance to Rhizome's Video and Vimeo pages soon.

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Dragan Dec. 11 2008 16:38Reply

LOL! This is technically the worst way to listen to an audio file offered to me, ever!
Not only it is impossible to download it to listen to it on the bus – instead i get the offer to buy it from Amazon or iTunes, where of course it doesn't exist. Plus, even if i could download it, the file would be in WMA format, the worst choice just after Real Audio.
This is so funny i wonder if it is part of the performance.