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Rhizome Commissions 08: Conversation with Rafael Rozendaal, Evan Roth, Eteam and Steve Lambert

By Rhizome

The Rhizome Commissions Program was founded in 2001 to provide support to emerging artists working with new technologies. The forty-four works commissioned to date represent some of the most innovative, pioneering efforts in the field. At the New Museum on May 22nd, several artists who received support in the 2008 cycle will present their finished projects as well as other select projects. Artists to present include Evan Roth, Eteam (Hajoe Moderegger and Franziska Lamprecht), Steve Lambert and Rafael Rozendaal.

Image Credit: Rafael Rozendaal, JELLOTIME.COM, 2007

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Dan Phiffer May 23 2008 12:48Reply

Nice presentations all! Couple things:

  • This GIF reminded me of Rafael's observation about humans/water/time [img]http://phiffer.org/etc/jello-like.gif[/img]
  • The NebuAd system is exactly like Add-Art, except conveniently turned on by your ISP, upstream! It's targeted according to your interests, as determined by "deep packet inspection" hardware. Remember, the EFF needs our support!

T.Whid May 23 2008 14:30Reply


I liked all the projects very much. I wasn't sold on jellotime before seeing it in the context of Rafael's other work, but I think he's got a very good thing going there.

Somewhat interesting thread I noticed that a couple of the projects seemed to be a bit of a throwback to older projects. The eteam's Second Life dumpster is very reminiscent of Napier's Digital Landfill. There is a long history of artists sifting through the trash, so I don't see the eteam's submission as being any more derivative than anything else.

There was a "1.0" version of swapping banner ads for art, similar to Lambert's Add-Art but I can't remember the name now… found this: http://www.bannerart.org/ … but there was another earlier one.

But again, these ideas are definitely worth revisiting, I'm not trying to denigrate either project by citing the precedents. Hell, MTAA recycles ideas all the time :-)

M. River May 27 2008 16:20Reply

Tim - "There was a "1.0" version of swapping banner ads for art, similar to Lambert's Add-Art but I can't remember the name now…"

not the same or the even the one you might be thinking of but…

Ethan Ham May 29 2008 09:09Reply

I recall that there was a proposal for something very similar in the 2005-2006 Rhizome Commission round… I liked the idea and sent the guy proposing it (who was getting his PhD in computer science, I think) a note.

Frederic Madre May 27 2008 18:15Reply

it must be the etxtreme.ru puzzler
started by hans bernhard and liz vlx
you can see some of the banners here
ours was this one