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By Rhizome

Nasal Sceptre

Image: Andreas Kurtsson, Debris, 2008

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Zeenath April 20 2008 09:06Reply

Dear Ed,

As author of the thematic essay that accompanies the 3 remarkable works in Netfilmmakers' 13th edition, I would like to clarify a gross misconception in your concise yet fleeting review.

The 13th edition is the result of an exercise in correlation where the theme of liminality is visited through the respective phenomena that the productions address. Each of the works, including the essay, nevertheless stands in their own right - a structural element which you have noted and which is apparent in that the artists present their own descriptions of their individual works. The point you miss in your review therefore, is that the thematic alliance between the essay and the works is based on reciprocity and not on conflation, which is implied when you say, '…tie these three works together under …'

My approach to the curation of the 13th edition being informed by pedagogical and epistemological responsibility to the net gallery visitor, I would prefer being labeled 'onion-peeler' instead of the pretentiously vacuous 'lily-gilder'.

Yours truly,