Something In the Air

Seeping into San Francisco, next week, is an exhibit that rounds up an assortment of activist artists who will address changes in air quality. Southern Exposure, long-known for presenting important socially-engaged work, will host the exhibition, entitled "Vapor," from March 14-May 3. The show has a strong orientation towards architecture and design solutions for environmental issues and features work by Amy Balkin, Futurefarmers, Natalie Jeremijenko, The Living, Eric Paulos, and Preemptive Media. The curatorial description shows promise of works that "react to the sources of climate change through the use of technologies--sensors, databases, and communications equipment--that are only recently accessible outside a lab." The show's title is intended to not only address the air, but also new more fluid modes of practice and research that extend beyond physical institutions. The organizers hope "Vapor" will suggest "new ways of modeling, testing and finding solutions to the problems of air quality and greenhouse gas emissions" and they've scheduled a variety of programs and workshops at which the public can learn how to get involved. - Marisa Olson

Image Credit: Eric Paulos, Participatory Urbanism