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Luxe Gallery: Cliff Evans, Empyrean

By Rhizome

Luxe Gallery

"[T]he machine has passed into the heart of desire, that is, human activity constitutes nothing more than "residual work" or the machine's psychic "imprint" on the individual's imaginary world." - Felix Guattari

For this exhibition, Evans presents two digital image-montage animations. Narratives, loops, and crescendos play across the landscape of a strangely frozen now. With the assumed position of a complicit virtual navigator, Evans traverses scenes of familiar power struggles, guiding the viewer through conflated contemporary and historical events and environments. Evans constructs these closed and flattened environments from found online images.

Traces of their own absence, these images are, again, sliced in time from their context, their lives, and re-appropriated to reform a world - view. Unsure of where to integrate his position, Evans repeats the scenes; just as the animated image - objects continue their dance -- becoming machinic perceptions of a complicated sublimity.

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