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Interview with Aleksandra Domanovic

Aleksandra Domanovic is a Berlin-based artist who works primarily on the internet. Much of her art contrasts and recontextualizes content derived online, such as found videos and Google Maps, in an effort to establish a dialogue between these different materials. I interviewed her via email. - Ceci Moss

You were born in Serbia, grew up in Slovenia and now reside in Berlin. Has this transnationalism inflected your work? How so?

As a blogger for VVORK, you obviously spend a lot of time surfing the web. How does this daily routine influence your practice as an artist?

You completed two projects which paired online mapping and video: Srbija Do Tokia and Tesla. Could you explain the concept behind these two works?

Srbija do Tokia
Tokyo Drift



Image: Tesla (screengrab)

You used Getty images to illustrate an except from Woody Allen's Annie Hall in Anhedonia. Why did you decide to recycle Getty Images, instead of images sourced from elsewhere, in this work?

Annie Hall
Annie Hall

Image: Anhedonia (screengrab)

What projects are you currently working on?

What artists are you following right now? Are there any individuals or art collectives you find particularly inspiring?

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