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The Gallery (2008) by Christopher Baker

The Gallery
The Gallery

Right now each video represents a lone, solitary actor speaking from a private space (homes, bedrooms, etc) into the world- the typical "video log". Ultimately, I'm interested in the way that contemporary technologies successfully produce a multiplicity of speakers...but fail to produce listeners. So the democratic power of technology seems fall short in this way. It's fine if everyone has a voice- there is power in that idea- but who is listening?

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philippe nys May 16 2008 15:29Reply


just a little remark about the great installation of Christopher Baker
could refered to me to a main concept of our contemporary world, the mosaïc, which is actually certainly not a Gestalt neither exactly a fragment in a romantic meaning because the fragment here is not a part of a totality
totality escaped definitively our mind, but it doesn't mean we are lost in hell, on the contrary, that kind of piece of art/document/fiction/"critic" of medias give the world anew to anybody