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This is Not a Liquor Store Bag

By Rhizome


Do you know what a $1000 contribution to Rhizome's Community Campaign will get you? A Liquor Store Bag. This not any ordinary Liquor Store Bag, mind you, but an an original laser cut drawing by artist Michael Mandiberg. The work is part of a series that explores lines, algorithms, and instructions -- and recalls both Sol LeWitt and John F. Simon Jr. The subdued diagonal lines of Liquor Store Bag need to be on your wall, now.

That's not all! Council members also receive a number of additional benefits, including:

* Two complementary VIP tickets to Rhizome 2008 Benefit

* Special curators tour of Rhizome Exhibitions

* Two additional Council events/ per year, including studio visits with artists and conversations with leading technologists and entrepreneurs

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