"Tag Team" on Club Internet
Image:" Zoo Game" found by Jon Williams

Guthrie Lonergan has gone seriously meta with his new exhibition Tag Team, up until December 23, curated for online art space Club Internet. Guthrie explained in an email to me that "artists in the show are tag-teaming with the "non-artist" creators of sites they have found to create the pieces in the show together, [and] I am tag-teaming with other artists in curating the show (I am curating something which has already been curated)." Got it. Like a good delicious feed, there are some intriguingly bizarre finds here. One standout is the animation Zoo Game found by Jon Williams which follows a librarian and library patron as they turn into creatures from Noah's Ark and race. Yeah. And the Tyra Banks gif wall which is....absolutely frightening. Somewhere between readymades and folk art, or folk art as a readymade, the sites presented in Tag Team are essentially a "Greatest Hits" collection of bookmarks by artists Petra Cortright, fixoid, Michael Guidetti, Travis Hallenbeck, Joel Holmberg, Lindsay Lawson, Olia Lialina, lowcast, Ilia Ovechkin, Jon Williams, Robert Wodzinski, John Michael Boling, and Tyler Campbell.

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