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john michael boling 7 years, 9 months agoReply

yeah i was chuckling this week while watching matt's site burning up delicious. it seems like the community for this kind of stuff is on the verge of reaching critical mass. it will be interesting to see how long the community can sustain itself. While 27 del.icio.us adds in 5 days is not much compared to more mainstream internet meme growth it is a significant amount for our little microcosm.

Charles Westerman 7 years, 9 months agoReply

[size=50]so i'm a little confused about the reference to http://del.icio.us/J_O_D_I's tag cloud. Maybe http://del.icio.us/fnnnf's? or http://del.icio.us/winning_information's links[/size]

Charles Westerman 7 years, 9 months agoReply

<script type="text/javascript" src="http://images.del.icio.us/static/js/playtagger.js"></script>

Steven Read 7 years, 9 months agoReply


Steven Read 7 years, 9 months agoReply

I've tried to get into de.lici.ous but I've failed every time. My loss I'm sure, maybe I'm too old school, or just dense. Perhaps I'm spread thin enough already. I like this 'winning_information' page the best out of the ones mentioned here, it has the most functionality. [smiley]

seecoy 7 years, 9 months agoReply

might have been this image that marisa was thinking of as well (regarding jodi's del.icio.us cloud)– not sure:


x-arn 7 years, 9 months agoReply

JODI's account … hum , u mean JODI's account…. jodi.com or ….what else ? may be … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jodi … or may be…. hum some students working w/ …. nam jun paik? yeah, i c…