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Deadline for Rhizome Commissions Program is Sunday Night!

By Rhizome

Calling all artists! This is it -- the last few days to apply to the Rhizome Commissions Program. The deadline is midnight, April 13th EST. Apply now!

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shagun 7 years, 10 months agoReply

I am not sure if I am the only one with this problem but the html voting code which needs to be embedded in the website has been a bit problematic with IE and safari. It works well with firefox but it totally wipes off my page when i try to look at it in either IE or safari. Any suggestions to work around this?

shagun 7 years, 10 months agoReply

I solved it. The ""//–>" in the script caused the problem. It needs to go incase anyone else is having a problem out there.

MTAA 7 years, 10 months agoReply

That shouldn't have caused you a problem. That line of code is ending the HTML comment wrapping the javascript, but it's also commented out of the javascript as well.

There must have been some other issue with your page.

I'm using the code with no problems.

Pattie Belle Hastings 7 years, 10 months agoReply

I'm having the same problem - voting bar is fine in Firefox, but no show in Safari. I tried your fix (removing the comment) but it didn't work for me…

Patrick May 7 years, 10 months agoReply


There was a bug with the "login" form on the voting tool. Basically, if one was not logged in then it did not render properly. That's why it worked in your Firefox (where you were logged in to Rhizome), but not in Safari. This bug has been fixed. Thanks as always for the heads up!



Scott Blake 7 years, 10 months agoReply

I just submitted my proposal and feel like I'm about to explode in anticipation. Thanks for the opportunity RHIZOME.


sorsak 7 years, 10 months agoReply

oooooh. it would be nice if after submitting a proposal you received a confirmation email…

erik sanner 7 years, 10 months agoReply

agree. there's a "save proposal" button, nothing says "submit," just have to believe it will be seen. maybe they'll email everyone after the deadline?

naeem mohaiemen 7 years, 10 months agoReply

Erick, after you SAVE PROPOSAL, you get another screen saying SUBMIT. You have to check the box that says "I accept these conditions" (something like rhat). At least that's what I got when I submitted. But every subsequent time, when you go to make edits and RE-SAVE, you don't get that screen. If you are not sure it has gone through, submit again, you still have another hour.

alexandra verhaest 7 years, 10 months agoReply

I submitted weeks ago… and then they postponed the deadline. I sure hope mine is in…
http://www.alexandraverhaest.be/alexandraverhaest/Rhizome_comissions_2009_proposal.html comments more than welcome!

erik sanner 7 years, 10 months agoReply

thanks a lot. i must have submitted a few days ago. good luck!

Krista Hoefle 7 years, 10 months agoReply

hi alexandra–i love your project idea! good luck:)

alexandra verhaest 7 years, 10 months agoReply

thanks Krista! I'm very curios about the other proposals .. maybe I should chip in for the membership…

shagun 7 years, 10 months agoReply

hmm..did anyone get a confirmation email though? I didnt !

erik sanner 7 years, 10 months agoReply

nope. but if you go to "commissions" there's now a button that says "edit submitted proposal (until voting begins)" - since that button is appearing, that is some sort of comfirmation that you do, in fact, have a submitted proposal

Kay Matschullat 7 years, 10 months agoReply

Is the appearance of a proposal in the edit submitted proposal category definitely a confirmation that the proposal is received?

MTAA 7 years, 10 months agoReply

…just got a confirm email FYI

Lauren Cornell 7 years, 10 months agoReply

hi all,
we sent out a confirmation email to all who applied today. you can edit your applications until the 17th when voting starts. let us know if you have any further questions/ comments. the feedback on "saving" and "submitting" is useful, too.
thank you,

Jacqueline Passmore 7 years, 10 months agoReply

hi lauren-
my brother and i applied on the 13th with this project: www.thoughtengineers.com/modbrowse
the rhizome submission page said the proposal had been made, but we haven't received a confirmation email. is that anything to be concerned about? is there any way to check that the application went through? thank you, best j

Jacqueline Passmore 7 years, 10 months agoReply

just to be clear re: posting- I am able to log into our application under Commissions, we've just not received email confirmation of application. thank you – j

Scott Blake 7 years, 10 months agoReply

OMG it is April 17th.
Voting has begun!

Paul Chambers 7 years, 10 months agoReply

I did not receive a confirmation e-mail.

Paul Chambers

Paul Chambers 7 years, 10 months agoReply

Confirmation received - thank you. -PC