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Interview with Eddo Stern

Image: Still from "Amongst Fables and Men"

Tonight artist Eddo Stern will host "QQ More", a screening he curated of offbeat fan-made machinima dealing with real-life issues such as drugs, pornography, and death at Brooklyn's Light Industry. The show begins at 8pm and will be followed by a discussion between Stern and Alexander Galloway. I conducted an email interview with Stern about his interest in the phenomenon and its relevance to his own art practice. - Ceci Moss

In gaming parlance, what does "QQ More" mean? How does this relate to the concept behind your program "QQ More"?

When and how did you start working on "QQ More"?

Rest in Peace Ignoramus

Rest in Peace Ignoramus
QQ More

What do you see behind the development of this "real-world" genre of machinima? Do you feel like this is a phenomenon specific to gaming? For example, to my knowledge, this narrative genre doesn't exist in home video culture. Why would users gravitate toward this sort of video in the world of gaming?


Ultima Online
Dark Age of Camelot

Your work similarly channels the slippery divide between fantasy and reality proposed by games like World of Warcraft. (For example, Tekken Torture Tournament, 2001) Can you comment on the connection between the quandaries explored in your own art practice and the "real-world" genre of machinima?

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