Last Week in Lisbon

Last week, three organizations jointly promoted a major digital arts project in Lisbon. NIP (New Interfaces for Performance) is an European network of performances developed by Bristol-based collective Polar Produce; Sonic Scope is an annual festival of experimental music programmed by Portuguese artists Nuno Moita and Andre Goncalves; and Upgrade! Lisbon is Lisbon's branch of Upgrade! International, a discussion forum of artists, curators, and theorists engaged with new media coordinated by Luis Silva. Taking place in different venues across the city, from galleries to independent schools and dance studios, several installations, performances, and public debates by artists such as Christina Kubisch, Teresa Dillon, Sonia Cillari, Tom Verbruggen, Andre Sier, and David Maranha have drawn the attention of both established and emerging new media audiences. For example, Cillari has teamed up with sound designer Tom Bugs to create an innovative mix of real-time graphics and modular audio landscapes. 'Struct 7,' one of the works on view at Lisboa 20 Gallery, illustrates Sier's explorations of immersive environments. In this piece the viewer interacts with the debris of previous viewers, which is scattered in a flowing 3D space. Although this was a special four-day event, its success, energy, and risk-taking spirit led the promoters to consider a near future installment, which reveals that Lisbon is more and more positioning itself as one of the most exciting cities for new media in Europe. - Miguel Amado