Feeling the Volume Pressure

Today, Montreal audiences have a chance to engage in an immersive sonic environment. As part of the program of four live events accompanying the exhibition 'espaceSONO::audio.lab,' currently presented at SAT [GALERIE], a 'deep.listening.session' will start at 8 PM, featuring works by artists such as Martijn Tellinga/BOCA RATON, o.blaat, and Mike Hansen & Martin Tetreault. This line-up of serious heavyweights will both maximize and minimize the use of volume pressure. These experimental performances will thus examine, alongside the works on view, the question posed by the projects's curator, Tobias c. van Veen: 'How does one exhibit the unseen? Can sound, too, be experienced as an art, or is it always submitted to the sign of music?' Van Veen has brought together pieces by 36 international artists that occupy the 2000 square-foot gallery, which is divided into stations with custom-designed DVD listening consoles featuring high-end headphones and full spectrum audio. The visitor will therefore encounter different soundscapes, from electro-acoustics to field recordings. According to van Veen, his aim was to 'put the listener into a new bodily space, designed to activate different senses and heighten the becoming-ear of the body,' which would allow the discovery of the many tones of this more and more significant field within contemporary art. - Miguel Amado