Superrr Slowww

If you're on the East Coast, then we've got a creative workout regimen for you. This Sunday, lace up your sneakers, put on your best dress sweats, and head down to Brooklyn's McCarren Park to take part in MTAA's Super Slow 5K race. Like the net art duo's previous offline participatory event, Drinkin' and Drawin', which encouraged participants to nurture both their inner artist and inner alcoholic, MTAA do not expect their participants to work without reward. In this case the promise of limited-edition runners' numbers and refreshments should keep the athletes fueled for their long journey. The artists are hoping to see non-competitive, leisurely completion of the 3.11 miles, and have called out for "people who are ready to say, 'I'll finish this 5K when I darn well feel like it and only after I stop by the official MTAA Super Slow 5K refreshment stand for another hotdog'." Taking their specific brand of playful yet theoretically-informed performance art to the street (or in this case the track) as part of the Conflux festival, MTAA is setting up an epic endurance test for themselves, and whoever wants to join them. As so much of their work does, 'Super Slow 5K' draws on the history of 'endurance' in 1960s and 70s performance art and reflects it back with sound theory and humor.