Meet the Olivers

For the past five months Seattle's Oliver family (Carol, Mike, Nigel, Pete, Syd, and Mary) have been diligently working to complete all sixty-three of the assignments set out in Harrell Fletcher and Miranda July's popular web project Learning to Love You More. The fruits of their labor were installed this weekend at the annual Seattle art and music festival, Bumbershoot, and can be seen in their entirety at LTLYM. Their own blog, Learning to Love Ourselves More, goes beyond the final products and documents their process from beginning to end--including the distribution of assignments, trips to the art supply store, and the personal negotiations and judgments on each other's work. LTLOM is a testament to the strength of Fletcher and July's original concept and the Olivers' actualization of the site's enthusiasm and involvement points emphatically to the transformative and inclusionary potential of the web.