Ujino and The Rotators

This week Vancouver's Western Front will open Tokyo-based artist and musician Ujino Muneteru's first solo show in North America. The large-scale installation highlights Muneteru's latest project, The Rotators, a band consisting of instruments the artist constructs from everyday household items such as blenders, hair dryers, pots and pans, and turntables--all driven by the artist's custom control system, Rotatorhead. Influenced by dance music and culture, Muneteru's multi-faceted practice has roots in the performative tendencies of the Futurists, Dada, and the likes of John Cage and Nam June Paik. The exhibition opens September 6th with a live performance of Ujino and the Rotators. There will also be an instrument-building workshop led by the artist on September 5th and an artist talk on September 8th.