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When looking at the program of exhibitions, screenings, conferences, and performances at Enter3, the third international festival for art, sciences, and technologies being held in Prague this week, you could be forgiven for thinking that every square inch of the Czech Republic capital is being dedicated to the event. Indeed, it is an impressively massive festival, pouring over with innovative projects. The festival is split into three different portions, the first being the EnterMultimediale that contains the exhibitions and performances and accounts for the bulk of the festival. Many of the projects have a political and/or environmental interest, including Beatriz da Costa's 'PigeonBlog' which uses homing pigeons equipped with miniature air pollution sensing devices to map the air quality levels through the city. Meanwhile, performance artist Stelarc's 'Ear on Arm' project, wherein an extra ear is being constructed on his arm, is in a radical space all its own. Perhaps indicitve of the exhibition, EnterMultimediale's ever-shifting and non-hierarchized website is a great example of rhizomatic design (just refresh a few times if it isn't clear why). The MutaMorphosis portion is a three-day academic conference exploring everything from Extremophiles to Mutaphobia. Lastly, the Kampa Museum will exhibit Point - Line - Universe, a retrospective on Frank J. Malina. As someone who pioneered the exploratory interstices of science and art, as well as founding the Leonardo organization, Malina best exemplifies the interdisciplinary nature of the festival.