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Be Realistic, Demand the Impossible

By David Michael Perez

Given that the legacy of the Situationist International so often gets overshadowed by the political events of May 1968, it is easy to forget that Guy Debord's first S.I. was started some 11 years earlier. Fifty years onwards, Debord's critique of advanced capitalism and consumer culture are continually insightful and highly influential to each ensuing generation of artists and activists. Celebrating the 50 year anniversary of the first Situationist International, project space New General Catalog in Brooklyn, NY is presenting The Guy Debord Show, a month-long web program being broadcast to and from the gallery every night at 11:30pm Eastern Central Time. Fittingly, the press release specifically points out that it airs "following Fox News," the hyper-conservative American program. The first broadcast was November 5th and until November 30th each night will feature an hour of the "best Situationist-inspired performance/action." Curated by Trong G. Nguyen, some of the featured artists include Art Hijack 2.0, Fluff Constructivists, Eh-Team, Shit TV, and UFO Factory, to name a few. No doubt a spectacle in its own right, this project promises nightly ideological disruptions and a 50th anniversary gift far more valuable than the traditional gold...

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