06-07 Rhizome Commissions

Since 2001, Rhizome has awarded commissions to contemporary artists for the creation of internet-based art. The commission includes a grant and support in the form of promotion, preservation, and exhibition. Today we are proud to present the eleven works completed in our 2006-07 cycle. While there was no required theme for these pieces, many share concerns that situate them within the spirit of our time. For example, some use participatory systems to explore the behavior patterns of internet users, as is the case with 'SLOWmail,' a 'new email service that deliberately slows down the pace of electronic messaging' in order to modify the speed of communication between sender and recipient, and 'Real Costs,' which calls attention to the environmental cost of traveling via a 'Firefox plug-in that inserts emissions data into travel related e-commerce website.' Informed by sensitive state intelligence, the Institute for Applied Autonomy and Trevor Paglen's 'Terminal Air' addresses the CIA's Extraordinary Rendition Program--through which alleged terrorists captured in Western countries are transferred to secret locations for interrogation--via the examination of aerial routes. If 'Terminal Air' uncovers hidden information, 'RESUME I?,' by notoriously elusive duo YOUNG-HAE CHANG HEAVY INDUSTRIES, is a playful Flash animation that, narrating their professional biography, has a more personal take on revealing heretofore repressed information. Overall, the eleven awarded artists' work illustrates some of the most exciting approaches to networked technology today. Stay tuned: the 2007-08 artists will be announced soon! - Rhizome