Bloggers Get Personal

At the top of performance artist Marc Horowitz's latest web-based project, one reads, 'Everyday The Center for Improved Living will post a new daily action to make life just a little better. All you have to do is participate and see where it takes you. Complete any action at anytime. The Center for Improved Living aims really high!' This is just one of several recent examples of blogging as an artistic medium. Horowitz initiated this poetic yet political work last April and has thus far published thirty-five posts that have been heavily commented upon. For instance, Action 31 (May 18, 2007) asked 'What were you thinking right before you thought to read this?' and has already received over 100 comments. Most of the actions are actually queries, such as 'What was the last thing(s) you purchased?' or instructions, like 'Name something you can live without,' which encourage the reader to analyze his daily life practices and change them (or not) according to each viewer's vision of the world. Horowitz's author's note from May 20 states, 'The questions may or may not improve your life, they may improve another's in some way different from you [...] Who knows? I'm just trying to ask questions to make people think about themselves and what's around them.' After the artist's famously-famous 'National Dinner Tour' project, which was covered by many mainstream US TV programs and newspapers, Horowitz's new intimate piece emerges as an emotionally resonant examination of contemporary society, in which a bureaucratic system dictates personal behavior. - Miguel Amado