An Art Lab Grows in Spain

On April 2nd, Spain will witness the inauguration of LABoral, a new exhibition center devoted to the intersection between art, science, technology, and creative industries. Based in Gijon, this venue will pay special attention to new media's history and current production, as demonstrated by its opening program, which includes five shows and one symposium. One of the highlights is 'Feedback,' an exhibition curated by Christiane Paul, Jemima Rellie, and Charlie Gere and focused on artistic practice reactive to instructions. Bringing together historical and contemporary works based on systems of response, this project proposes an innovative genealogy of new media activity. Also worth mentioning is Carl Goodman's show, 'Gameworld,' that features works referring to the designed world within a video game. This project thus examines a pertinent contemporary topic: the extent to which current lived experience is being informed by machine-mediated interactions. In order to mark the institution's commitment to theory and provide an intellectual framework to the opening program, Jose Luis Brea organized 'The E-Image Era,' in which artists and scholars discuss the rise of an electronic zeitgeist in Western societies. LABoral, as its name suggests, promises to be a laboratory in which creative ideas, experiments and practices will grow. - Miguel Amado