Holland Meets Mexico in Multimedia Collaboration

Mexico City's Museo Tamayo Arte Contemporaneo is one the main venues for new media art in Latin America. Since 2001, artist and curator Arcangel Constantini has developed the museum's vision in the field. Constantini became well-known as the organizer of 'Infomera' (an expression resulting from the contraction of the Spanish words informacion--information--and efimera--ephemeral), a series of performances in which two paired artists digitally interacted with each other. At the museum's Cyberlounge, Constantini curates the program 'Inmerso,' which in his own words means 'to immerse yourself. It is a utopian vision of what the net could be in the future.' Web-based works, image and sound brought together, publications, and exhibitions constitute the core of the Cyberlounge's programming. The latest project, a solo show by the Dutch artist Elout de Kok, has been on view since mid-March. It presents an opportunity for first-hand experience of his practice, which is often described as Bauhaus/ De Stijl/ Constuctivism meets interactive digital architecture through a process based in writing code using various languages like Flash, Java, and C++. During the March 14 opening, a performance took place featuring de Kok and the Mexican artist Karra. Within the spirit of Cyberlounge, the museum was invaded by sound landscapes that created a futuristic environment, the perfect context for visually engaging de Kok's works. - Miguel Amado