Rhizome Commissions Deadline: 10 Days Away

Reminder: Rhizome will award commissions to eleven artists/ groups for the creation of original works of Internet-based art. We are now open for submissions and our deadline is April 2, 2007--less than ten days away! The Rhizome commissions program is a vital form of support to artists working with emerging technologies. Since 2001, the program has supported 33 different projects, all experimenting with new kinds of networked practices, aesthetics, and forms. This year, we are commissioning in two categories: 1) New Works of Internet-Based Art, which can manifest offline or on a mobile device, as long as they are fully accessible online in their final form; and (2) A Community Project commission that will be awarded to one project geared at enhancing communication, participation or user experience on the Rhizome website. Please spread the word or turn that newest idea into a proposal and apply! - Rhizome.org