The Wonderful Worlds of Jennifer and Kevin McCoy

This week the British Film Institute unveiled the BFI (British Film Institute) Southbank, a London cinema arts complex which houses a new exhibition space for artists' film, video, and new media. Apropos to the gallery's mission to investigate the 'secret histories and future possibilities of the moving image,' their first season kick offs with the exhibition Tiny, Funny, Sad, and Big by maverick art duo Jennifer and Kevin McCoy. The main gallery space features the Traffic series (2004), installations comprised of miniature film scene dioramas, tiny video cameras, customized editing software and projections that examine the personal impact of mass media in our lives. The exhibition also features the world premiere of a fantasy noir piece, The Constant World (2007). Inspired by the Dutch artist Constant's envisioned Situationist city New Babylon and Jean-Luc Godard's dystopian sci-fi film Alphaville, The Constant World is a large ceiling-mounted sculpture of interconnected metal spheres housing miniature film sets. As video cameras feed noir sequences onto a large plasma screen, viewers navigate the space beneath the 60s-inspired 'space age' sculpture, reconfiguring their relationship to the images and the structure itself. After this fantastic first exhibition on the experience, wonder, and possibilities of spectatorship, stay tuned for the full BFI Southbank season that includes artists Mark Lewis, Patrick Keiller, and Faisal Abdu'allah. - Kyle Stephan