A Portuguese Platform

LX 2.0, a project launched this week by Lisbon-based curator Luis Silva, will regularly commission new media pieces by artists that have been shaping the field in recent years. LX 2.0 is supported by Lisboa 20 Arte Contemporanea, the private gallery where Silva is Assistant Director and at which he organizes Lisbon's monthly 'Upgrade' discussion series. As a project devoted to the promotion of new media in Portugal, LX 2.0 includes not only the commissioned pieces but also a resource page with links to the sites of other new media artists, venues, exhibitions, and critical essays. LX 2.0's first commission is Santiago Ortiz's 'NeuroZappingFolks,' which facilitates a non-linear 'zapping' through the web, as dictated by an algorithm gathering information from the popular social bookmarking website, http://del.icio.us. The next artists to be featured at LX 2.0 are Carlos Katastrofsky and Young-Hae Chang Heavy Industries, and given Silva's deep involvement in contemporary media production, the roster promises to expand nicely. This project is thus a valuable means of distributing online works, allowing the Portuguese public to familiarize itself with new media practices and a wider international audience to discover current trends in the field. - Miguel Amado