Atlas with the World at His Feet

Fresh from the successes of a European tour of Turning (his project with Antony and the Johnsons) and a survey of his work at Tate, film-maker and video artist Charles Atlas has a new collaboration of which to boast. This time he has teamed-up with musician/ electronic composer Christian Fennesz, fusing his own 'innovative live video mix of sampled film footage, prepared clips, and improvised collage' with Fennesz's 'lush and luminant electric guitar and laptop compositions.' The premiere of their new work will be featured March 14th-18th in London, at the second biannual Optronica festival. The recipient of the 2006 John Cage Award, Atlas is perhaps best known for his work with choreographers such as Michael Clark, Leigh Bowery, and Merce Cunningham, which have won him three Bessie (New York Dance and Performance) Awards. This new project adds a more technologically nuanced element to his respected work. Optronica, which describes itself as a 'visual music' festival, is being held at the British Film Institute's Southbank and Imax spaces, as well as the Institute for Contemporary Art, and features a diverse line-up of other events that are also worthy of attention. - Charlotte Frost