As the Web Turns

It's safe to assume that artist Seibren Versteeg, whose work deals with the overwhelming amount of information in our lives, was not swept up in the Web 2.0 frenzy that pulsed through the MSM and the blogosphere this past year. 'Nothing Was,' his solo exhibition at Max Protetch gallery in New York, takes a more critical approach to the increase of content online. 'Time Waits For No One' (2007) presents Time Magazine's 2006 Person of the Year issue with the phrase 'No. 1' written in black marker over the cover's reflective surface -- designed to honor the digital everyman or, officially, 'You.' The marker, which also selectively crosses out other text on the page, playfully inscribes the persistence of an ego-driven culture onto an issue that celebrates a new kind of 'digital democracy.' One of two generative videos in the show, 'As The World Turns' (2006) features the artist chain smoking at a small table and holding up cue cards onto which the daily synopsis of the American soap opera is live-fed. The large-scale print 'Something for Everyone' (2007) features 300,000 Google image results that appear like colorful specks in a landscape that seems to stretch on infinitely. In this piece, and throughout the show, the artist questions what is gained and also what is lost in a culture in which visual information is proliferating daily. - Lauren Cornell