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TAGallery by CONT3XT.NET extends the idea of a tagged exhibition and transfers the main tasks of noncommercial exhibition spaces to the discourse of an electronic data-space. The method of tagging allows the attribution of artworks to different thematic fields. EXHIBITION_003 was tagged/curated by Ursula Endlicher and Ela Kagel, who started the blog Curating NetArt in May 2006 as ongoing conversations about various topics surrounding media arts. Their exhibition link.of.thought_thought.of.link for TAGallery is an extension of this blog in dialogue-form and a meta-curatorial statement of their perspective on the challenges of curating media/net/art.

With projects/works by: UBERMORGEN/Alessandro Ludovico/Paolo Cirio, Jo-Anne Green/Helen Thorington (Turbulence), Aleksandra Domanovic/ Oliver Laric/Christoph Priglinger/Georg Schnitzer, Cornelia Sollfrank, Eva Grubinger/Thomas Kaulmann, 0100101110101101 (Eva and Franco Mattes), Ruth Catlow/Marc Garrett (Furtherfield), Graffiti Research Lab, Mushon Zer-Aviv/Dan Phiffer


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