In-Sourcing Art

The new media organization Eyebeam is celebrating its tenth anniversary with three major exhibitions, the first of which is entitled Source Code. On view through August 11, at their massive Chelsea (NYC) space, are works by past and present fellowship holders, many of whom have given Eyebeam a name for blurring the lines between research and creativity, art-making and hacking. These include Cory Arcangel, Jonah Brucker-Cohen, Carrie Dashow, Eteam, Alexander Galloway, Nina Katchadourian, Steve Lambert, Golan Levin, Jennifer & Kevin McCoy, MediaShed, MTAA, Mark Napier, and neuroTransmitter. While each of these artists has enjoyed a certain level of celebrity within the new media community, Eyebeam supported many of them early in their careers, in an effort to bolster and explore the relationship between technology, our daily lives, and 'creative exploration.' - Marisa Olson