Remix Your Blogroll

Is your blogroll getting stale? Do you need to pump some bass into your RSS feeds? You might consider adding Remix Theory, a relatively new blog maintained by media artist, writer, and curator Eduardo Navas. While Navas has written on the contemporary climate in essays such as 'Regressive and Reflexive Mashups in Sampling Culture,' he makes a distinction between remix culture, and remix proper, and focuses directly on the latter creative act. This inquiry has been addressed by the prolific critic in a number of projects, including his essay on The Blogger as Producer; his curatorial project, The Latency of the Moving Image in New Media, at Los Angeles' Telic Art Space; and his recent interview with Yto (Isabel Eranda) in the Chilean magazine, Escaner Cultural. Remix Theory aggregates Navas's work, alongside excerpts and projects from others. In addition to coverage of various manifestations of the principles of remix, one essential goal of the blog is to define the term, itself. Navas insists that this effort must begin with the study of remixed music, before branching out. Offering copious historical and bibliographic resources to that effect, the site is stimulating on several levels, offering insight into new art works and new means of discussing them. - Elizabeth Johnston