Time Slips Off the Net

Kevin Bewersdorf and Paul Slocum draw on the tragicomic nature of internet culture in their current exhibition, 'Passing Time and the Changing Seasons of Time,' at Austin, Texas gallery Okay Mountain. Both artists share an individual appreciation for music and homebrew instruments, and their hacker aesthetic often leads to other forms of shape-shifting--from websites to videos to multi-part installations. But the current show looks at a different form of change: the seasonal. The word seems to be employed here not only in reference to the weather, but perhaps more so in the way that one refers to 'television seasons.' Their solo and collaborative works investigate the emotional arcs, demographics, and formal qualities peculiar to various epochs of visual production. Some of their more interesting works, in this show, attempt to translate between genres, hand-painting the image of a spam message into a sweatshirt or using computer-knitting programs to embed the image of a fictitious pharmaceutical ad (for a product called 'MaxXimuM SorRoW') into a tapestry. Exploring the mainstream life of the digital image, the artists employed the drugstore Walgreens' online photo service to order the fabrication of mugs, coasters, mouse pads, and silkscreened pillows that display the images retrieved in Google searches. These objects and many others are on display at Okay Mountain through September 1st. - Marisa Olson