Net Art Up, Past Its Bedtime

It can often be hard to describe internet art as a movement, because its participants are spread across so many cities, and work in so many different ways. Net art has also been spread across a time period of great tech development in the last 15 years or more. In fact, some notable critics have already declared net art 'dead.' But this week in New York, one event seems poised to reflect the loud pulse of web-based practices by a new generation of artists. The Great Internet Sleepover, at Eyebeam, will be a night to remember as web-surfers flock to New York from all across the country for a creative lock-in. Most of the participants' activities will happen behind closed doors--a chance to bond and collaborate with colleagues. However, the first two hours of the event, from 8-10pm, will be open to the public. Members of 'group surfing' blogs Double Happiness, Loshadka, Nasty Nets, and Supercentral will be on hand, as will unaffiliated 'surfers' who go by handles such as Seecoy, Ominous Moo, and Wizard is Hungry. These two open hours will provide an inside glimpse into the artists' creative techniques, a chance to get your own hands dirty,a rumored 'free table,' and the requisite roundtable discussion on what all this means. - Elizabeth Johnston