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Jean Baudrillard brought to Second Life

By Rhizome

Jean Baudrillard brought to Second Life


Ester Dreier and Lamb Lamont are proud to announce that Jean Baudrillard has been caught while floating around the Odyssey art gallery. Look at the amazing philosopher, take pictures and click on him to let him talk about death, life, and how is it to be a simulacrum!

Baudrillard will be available in Odyssey art gallery as long as we can retain his soul.

Exactly one month after his Real Life death, Jean Baudrillard was brought to Second Life by:Ester Dreier (a.k.a. Paolo Ruffino), Lamb Lamont (a.k.a. Lamberto Azzariti), script by Masami Kuramoto, texts by Matteo Bittanti

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