Searching for Seasons

In New York, this year, there were times when winter was warm and yet looked grey and dark and now, in spring, it has been snowing. The seasons have been stuttering and relapsing, turning backwards and forwards and effectively impressing the weather and the environment on the forefront of everyone’s mind. This is the context in which Shane Brennan developed his blog exhibition New Climates, which addresses global climate change. The featured works range in tone and message. Some are frightening like Jon Thomson and Alison Craighead’s London (2007), an appropriated and re-contextualized news broadcast that presents global warming catastrophe as an immediate reality; others offer more emotive narratives such as Joe Milutis’ Line of 32, a video in which the protagonist searches for signs of winter around the globe, and Calendar (2007) by Lisa Young, a rotating slideshow of images of the sky that were taken by the artist each morning she woke up for an entire year. Brennan uses blog format to contextualize the works in different ways across the site, and to make visible the reactions viewers have had. Full disclosure: Brennan developed New Climates while a curatorial fellow at Rhizome but the excited response, new works and thriving site are truly all due to his curatorial choices and the urgent topic that is New Climates’ theme. -- Lauren Cornell