Vote Early and Vote Often

Did you know that the Rhizome Commissions program involves a member vote? It's true! And, it's open to you -- if you are a Rhizome member, that is. For those unfamiliar with the program, the Rhizome Commissions process works like this: artists invent and upload proposals and then, in the first round of voting, Rhizome members view each one and distill a group of finalists by voting 'yes' or 'no' on each project's website. In the second stage of voting, Rhizome members and an invited jury determine who among this group of finalists will receive commission awards. Rhizome created the member vote to make the commissions process beneficial to our community and all the artists involved, not just those who ultimately receive awards. Members have the opportunity to survey projects in the field and get a sense of timely practices and contemporary ideas. Artists can open their project up for feedback from Rhizome's wide membership and diversify their audience, in general. So become a member today--or, if you are already are one, get voting now! The first stage of voting ends April 27 and the second round concludes on May 15. -