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The Upgrade! Johannesburg and WSOA Digital Arts present: Andre SC

By Rhizome

andre sc @ upgrade! joburg

More info, via The Upgrade! Johannesburg:

TECHNOGRAFFI: Drawing the pixel curtain

In /*technoGraffi* - drawing the pixel curtain/, André SC will show and discuss some of his recent ‘stuff’ involving generative procedures, pseudo neuro-biological theory, ridiculous amounts of pornography, ‘post-digital abstraction’ as well as ‘netVerse’ - the current interactive online project that N. Stern describes as “a noteworthy feat …a cross between fridge magnet poetry, geeky guy gluttony, snot flinging, and surrealist games…”

New media manipulator (read pixel-maniac), André SC a.k.a. Clements completed a BA at the University of Pretoria in ‘95. Since then he has been a designer, corporate consultant, experimental artist,  studied some more stuff and lectures in Media Design Technology. He is the web-editor/developer of davidkrutpublishing.com and keeps a  personal blog site at pixelplexus.co.za. also see his net.art project, netverse.


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